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Posted:6/24/2013 10:49:00 AM # 1
I was planning on upgrading my old AMD system to this Sabertooth Gen3 motherboard.  None of the online places I shop have it in stock and one if them even says discontinued.  If I go to the ASUS website and look for AMD motherboards, none of the AMD Sabertooth motherboards are shown. The only I can find it on their website is by searching for it and that is not very reassuring.

I guess it may be time to switch back to the Intel line?


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Posted:6/24/2013 12:44:00 PM # 2
Hi Ak..

You might get one from the link below... No one here would know about discontinued products...

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Posted:7/6/2013 10:16:00 AM # 3
Okay, here's the scoop as I know it...

Sabertooth 990FX/GEN3 R2.0

1) I received an email from Asus on Tuesday, June 11, 2013. Case Id: RTM20130608200617-823.
1a) On that date, the following statement was issued: After checking with the relative department, I am afraid to say this SABERTOOTH 990FX/GEN3 R2.0 board won't be provided in the US after they are sold out.
As it should be related to the certain product plan.

2) Last week, I received an email from Newegg stating that they now had an inventory of this model of board (although I have not checked it personally).

Either way, this product appears to be phasing out in favor of an as yet un-named successor. What that will be is unknown.

Additionally, I am certain that the need for hostile-environment boards still exist. For me, that was the primary selling point, along with a TPM header that was provided on the board.

While I don't expect AsusTek to publicize their product plans (that would be a bad thing to announce to their competitors); it would be nice if they kept the supply pipeline open until the new product was fully tested and ready for production startup, instead of slowing or stopping the supply chain before the replacement is buffered enough to fill the void left by the shutdown of the needed board. I know the expense of starting up a new production run has got to be high, and in today's world of escalating costs that is certainly an impact. Yet, when such a popular product is impacted, it seems that a little too-much-cost-cutting is being done.

Just thought I'd give you the information I've received...

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