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  Topic : [Feedback and Suggestion]New betas available dsl n14u New Topic
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From: Greece
Posted:3/4/2016 5:48:00 PM # 1
New firmware (beta at the moment - link may needs couple of refreshes)
Changelog by Monday


Changes apply from official to
For adsl2+ modems only ... Just ignore the vdsl2 related (g.inp/vector)

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] DSL driver updated - v5.5.1.139.

Fixed cannot sync up with ADSL2+ mode with certain Annex B DSLAM issue.

Fixed ADSL2+ mode long loop extra sync time needed issue with certain DSLAM.

Disable bitswap automatically in G.dmt mode for specific DSLAM.

-          [DSL-N55U_D1/DSL-N55U_C1/DSL-N16U/DSL-N14U/DSL-N12U_C1/DSL-N12E_C1/DSL-N10_C1] DSL driver updated - v3.20.56.21.

Fixed ADSL receive Bitswap message related issue.

Fixed ADSL Upstream Bitswap related issue.

-          For Quick Internet Setup(QIS) VDSL WAN(PTM) Country: UK/ Australia/ Germany, enable G.INP (G.998.4) by default.

-          [DSL-N17U][DSL-AC56U][DSL-AC52U][DSL-N16][DSL-N55U_D1][DSL-N55U_C1][DSL-N16U] Now supports OpenVPN Server/Client.

-          Now supports Bandwidth Limiter feature.

-          Support Reboot Scheduler feature.

-          Support Guest Network - MAC Filter feature.

-          [For models with USB port] Now supports USB tethering.

-          [For models with USB port] Now supports DSL Line Diagnostic(Debug Log Capture) feature(Administration > Feedback).

-          Support SSH(Administration > System).

-          Fixed WiFi related issues.

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] WiFi driver updated.

-          OpenSSL updated - 1.0.2d.

-          Include UI/ SSH/ Telnet login brute-force attack protection mechanism.

-          Change profile from 30a multi mode to 17a multi mode if Deutsch UI language detected or Country "Germany" selected in VDSL WAN(PTM) manual setting.

-          Fixed AiCloud live update firmware related issues.

-          Fixed various UI related issues.

-          Quick Internet Setup(QIS) enhancements.

-          AiCloud updated - v2.0.2.1(with lighttpd-1.4.39, security improvement).

-          Fixed QIS issue for VDSL capable models, avoid VDSL command set issued with ADSL line.

-          Fixed the bug that the UPnP chain would be cleared when change the port forwarding setting.

-          Display WiFi current control channel(Wireless > General).

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U] Fine tune Gigabit switch driver.

-          Radio off state, if WiFi interface restarted cause unexpected issue, now addressed.

-          Add Dualwan Enable/Disable button(Internet Status); Fixed bug of showing primary and secondary dhcp lease information at the same time.

-          Fine tune DSL Log display, such as VDSL2 Band Status.

-          Fixed LED On/Off related issues.

-          Fixed when enable DMZ caused router FTP/AiCloud service not working issue.

-          Fixed in certain case fail to sync with NTP server after system reboot.

-          Network Map cannot show DDNS error status when ASUS DDNS domain already registered by others.

-          [For specific 5GHz supported models] Display DFS channels on UI.

-          Fixed MAC Clone cannot work when WAN connection type is Automatic IP issue.

-          Hide MAC Clone field when encapsulation mode is PPPoA.

-          Fixed Network Map > client list-Manufacturer not display issue.

-          Fixed UPnP/ Port Forwarding related issues.

-          Remove PPP connect manually option, replaced by Network Map > Internet Connection switch.

-          Modify the default TimeZone as GMT.

-          Fixed LAN to WAN Network Service Filter error if Dualwan enabled.

-          Fixed PPPoE relay error if Dualwan enabled.

-          Administration > DSL Setting > G.INP (G.998.4) now disabled by default.

-          QIS - If UI language Czech/ Deutsch detected, auto switch to DSL Modulation Annex B/J mode then system starts auto detection sequence.

-          Fixed VPN Client/Server related issues.

-          USB file system driver updated.

-          Fine tune WiFi Scheduler feature.

-          Fixed Spectrum disappears if sync up with VDSL2 G.vector or G.INP mode issue.

-          PPTP VPN client supports encryption options. Remove auto reconnection.

-          Update pppd to support mppc.

-          Fine tune DSL Setting.

-          Fixed client cannot renew IP after change DSL modem router’s LAN IP.

-          Fixed WiFi Guest Network related issues.

-          Fixed Traffic Monitor - calculation of VDSL WAN(PTM) and Wired traffic issues.

-          Fixed Traffic Monitor - Daily/Last 24 Hours traffic calculation incorrect issue.

-          Fine tune System log.

-          Fixed filtered ICMP packet types doesn't work issue.

-          Fine tune VPN Server UI.

-          Add LAN > DHCP Server > DNS Server 2.

-          Fixed Dual WAN Load Balance, USB modem connect failed if power cycle or replug dongle.

-          Fixed in certain case Network Printer Service not work issue.

-          USB Application > Servers Center related issues.

-          Fixed WDS page cannot show AP list properly issue.

-          Fixed Dualwan affected IPTV issue.

-          Fixed file system ext2/3 mount related issue.

-          Fine tune DoS function, update rules.

-          Fine tune WOL feature.

-          Fixed IP conflict error: not redirected to error page issue.

-          Remove Rx AGC Gain Adjustment(VDSL) auto config setting.

-          Add DSL Setting > 12a/8a multi mode options for VDSL models.

-          Traffic Manager > QoS > User Specify Rule List extend Max Limit to 32.

-          Enhance web server.

-          QIS Manual setting/ Auto detection - add Germany ISP account format notice.

-          VDSL WAN (PTM) QIS manual setting list updated.

Add Australia ISP, TPG (VLAN ID 2).

Add Australia ISP, Wondercom.

Add Australia ISP, iiNet.

Add Australia ISP, Internode.

Add Australia ISP, Varsity Internet.

Add Germany ISP, O2 (VLAN ID 12).

Add Germany ISP, QSC (VLAN ID 7).

Modify Thailand ISP, 3BB VDSL.

Add Thailand ISP, 3BB 15M/1.5M.

Add Switzerland ISP, Swisscom.

-          ADSL WAN (ATM) QIS manual setting list updated.

Modify Thailand ISP, 3BB 10M/1M.

Add Thailand ISP, 3BB 15M/1.5M.

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: Greece
Posted:4/1/2016 9:14:00 PM # 2
New beta

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] DSL driver updated - v5.5.2.3.

Fixed IOT issues with specific version of ECI DSLAM.

Fixed VDSL2 upstream speed limited issue with Italy ISP Tiscali’s DSLAM.

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] Support 802.1Q VLAN tag in Ethernet WAN mode.

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] Add DSL Setting  > ESNP - Enhanced Sudden Noise Protection (ADSL).

-          Drop SSH/Telnet from WAN when firewall disabled.

-          Modified the access rights of account mode and share mode to asusware.platform path when lighttpd server is enabled.

-          Modified the access rights to specific port of UPnP server.

-          Restriced access from wan method to enhance security.

-          Remove unnecessary debug messages.

-          Fixed Parental Control related issues.

-          Enable miniupnpd lease file option.

-          [DSL-AC56U/DSL-AC52U/DSL-N17U/DSL-N16] Fixed WiFi related issues.

-          [DSL-N10_C1/DSL-N12E_C1] Live update mechanism change, display support site link instead.

-          Fine tune port forwarding log display.

-          Fixed OpenVPN related issue.

-          Fine tune WiFi Auto Channel mechanism.

-          Fixed Bandwidth Limiter related issues.

-          Fixed LAN/WAN IP conflict related issue.

-          Display current downstream SNR Margin in DSL Setting page, for both ADSL/VDSL2.

-          Add QIS ADSL WAN(ATM) manual setting, Spain ISP Jazztel (PPPoE, VLAN ID 1074)

-          Fixed 802.1Q VLAN ID settings failed to take effect in QIS ADSL WAN(ATM) mode issue.

-          Fixed various UI related issues.

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: Greece
Posted:6/6/2016 5:48:00 PM # 3
New beta DSL-N14U_1.1.2.0_111-gf29450e
NOTE: needs reset after update

Changelog, just ignore the vdsl updates


- Support secure login authentication method, session based.

- Update Dropbear(SSH) from ver.0.52 to ver.2016.73.


New features:

- Now supports Web History feature, Traffic Manager > Web History.

- [Models with USB port] Web History with additional save to USB disk feature. (Note: Backup data would be hidden from network access such as Samba/ FTP. Data will be stored under USB disk /.router_temp/web_history_backup/ directory. Since .router_temp is hidden folder format, in order to view it from Windows, go to Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Folder Options, set as Show hidden files.)

- ASUS Router App support(iOS/ Android).

- URL Filter now supports HTTPS sites blocking.

- Guest Network with additional Bandwidth Limiter feature.

- [Models with USB port] AiCloud > Smart Sync supports additional Provider options, Dropbox/ FTP server/ Samba.

- Support System Log > Active Connections feature.

- [DSL-AC52U/ DSL-AC56U/ DSL-N17U] Support LAN > Switch Control > Enable Jumbo Frame feature.

- New IPTV design for xDSL/ Ethernet WAN.

- QIS now supports Germany ISP VDSL/ADSL profiles. With specific settings for specific ISP, for both Internet/ IPTV services.

- [DSL-N55U_D1/ DSL-N55U_C1/ DSL-N16U/ DSL-N14U/ DSL-N12U_C1/ DSL-N12E_C1/ DSL-N10_C1] Add ESNP - Enhanced Sudden Noise Protection(ADSL) feature(DSL Setting).



- Fine tune QIS setup.

- [DSL-N55U_D1/ DSL-N55U_C1/ DSL-N16U/ DSL-N14U/ DSL-N12U_C1/ DSL-N12E_C1/ DSL-N10_C1] DSL driver updated - v3.20.56.24.


Bug fixes and Enhancements:

- Support extended firmware version, for instance v1.1.2.0_x-x.

- Fixed HW NAT false learning in NAT between LAN to LAN port.

- Add deny ports in the miniupnpd configuration file. Avoid UPnP misuse the ports added by other applications.

- Restart UPnP when the iptables reserved ports were added or deleted.

- Fixed QoS related issues.

- Fixed IPv6 related issues.

- Extend Parental Controls rule limit from 7 to 32.

- Fixed Bandwidth Limiter, upload limit can't work on PTM/ATM mode.

- Fine tune WiFi auto channel selection mechanism.

- Refine upstream line attenuation value under VDSL mode.

- Keep the DSL debug log after cancel the DSL log capture.

- Fixed Dual WAN fail-over/ fail-back related issues.

- Add 3G/4G APN Configuration support.

- Fix SSH related issue.

- HW NAT will false learning when pptp/l2tp client enabled. Now disable it when pptp/l2tp is enabled and vice versa.

- Fixed OpenVPN related issue.

- Fixed UI related issues

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: Ukraine
Posted:6/7/2016 1:17:00 AM # 4
>When you create a PPTP lacks option cancellation program of data compression. Because of this, perhaps the entire system log blocked this kind of errors>
>2016-06-06 14:37:26 syslog: CCP: timeout sending Config-Requests>2016-06-06 14:37:28 syslog: Received bad configure-rej: June 12 00 00 00 00>
>After saving settings terminates the connection to the Internet. Sites not even ping connection icon has

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From: Greece
Posted:6/7/2016 6:14:00 AM # 5
Hi thanks for reporting, have you reset it after firmware update?

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: Ukraine
Posted:6/7/2016 12:29:00 PM # 6
Yes . Twice. Error occurs only in conjunction Ethernet Wan. Also lost online while maintaining some of the settings. On automatic IP no such problems

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From: Greece
Posted:6/20/2016 3:39:00 PM # 7
Hi please send feedback form (administration>feedback) so they will contact you for more details about the issue
You can mention at comments box refereed by babis3g & let me know when done to inform them

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: Ukraine
Posted:7/7/2016 2:46:00 AM # 8
Hi. Please where possible to seek a beta version firmware ?

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From: Greece
Posted:7/7/2016 10:15:00 PM # 9

Author: athlon Posted: 7/7/2016 2:46:00 AM

Hi. Please where possible to seek a beta version firmware ?

Post #3 the latest beta, at the link which directs to Asus web storage, just keep refreshing it (some times not works straight away) and will appear with the beta firmware

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I Do Not Work for Asus... Thanks
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From: TUR
Posted:8/11/2016 6:46:00 AM # 10
Hi,>still version. No progress anymore. Do you know when new beta or stable version come?

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