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From: United Kingdom
Posted:11/18/2014 12:35:00 AM # 1
Hi Guys,

I have just purchased the RT-AC87U wireless router. Was very happy with the router for the first few hours, it was exactly what i was after...However as I started adding more devices to wireless, I started running into problems. That said i dont have tons of devices connected through the wireless, about 5 devices.

The first issue was my iPad would keep dropping connection for no apparent reason what so ever. After dropping connection a few times, when I went to connect back to the router, it would keep prompting for a password. The iPad does have the latest firmware, and it worked fine with previous router, so im not convinced it to do with the new Apple iOS firmware issues that have been publicized.

Secondly once I connected my Android mobile phone to the wireless, it worked fine for an hour, and then the problems with dropping connections started again. My phone works fine on other wireless signals, again its got the latest firmware and finally worked fine on my previous wireless router.

Funnily enough works fine on laptops etc. just an issue with mobile devices so far.
Tried contacting ASUS support however havent managed to get through via phone support and unfortunately they take 48 hours to respond to emails.

Anyone come across similar issues or can help me out ?



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