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  Topic : [Problem]O!Play Air - SMB Share from NAS - Net USER ID & PW?? New Topic
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Posted:1/15/2014 11:07:00 AM # 1
Here's what I have:

O!Play Air ...
TP-Link TL-WDR3600 Router (not that it matters because this is not the issue)
NexStarLX Network Attached Storage (NAS) / Hard Drive Case

The NexStarLX has an SMB share setup in its configuration utility.
There is NO PASSWORD for the SMB share!
however you must Login to access the device's html Utility and Configuration ...

I can connect to this NAS from any PC on my network with no problems and play files.
I can connect to this NAS with the O!PLay Air connected to the USB and play files.

I can connect to this NAS through the "Folder" option in the O!Play menus.
I can see the NexStarLX, I can view the folders, but as soon as I try and open any of the folders on the NAS, I'm prompted for the Net User ID and Password... Login Fail.

When I connect to share folders on my PCs (from the O!Play Air), I can access the files and play them with zero problems. Zero Net User ID and Password prompt whatsoever.

WHY is the O!Play Air prompting for the Net User ID & Password?? What do I do to fix this??

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