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  Topic : [Feedback and Suggestion]Maximus V GENE owners - compatible/reliable Power Supply? New Topic
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From: USA
Posted:4/4/2013 6:50:00 AM # 1
I want to start my new gaming build off with the Maximus V GENE but I was reading reviews of power supplies on Newegg and saw some people write about problems/issues with ASUS motherboards, and even more particularly, ROG motherboards, so now I'm a little concerned.

So Maximus V GENE owners - can you please recommend a compatible/reliable power supply?

What power supply are you using with your ROG Maximus V GENE motherboard? Is the power supply you're using compatible/reliable with the V GENE motherboard? Would you recommend your power supply or a different one and why?

Thank you.

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From: DNK
Posted:4/5/2013 4:56:00 AM # 2
I have had many ASUS motherboards AMD and Intel - none of them had/have issues with PSU´s.
It is always good to buy a decent PowerSupplyUnit - like a SeaSonic or something in that class

Right now I am using a Corsair AX850 Pro Gold - very recommendable

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