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  Topic : [Problem]what is the best firmware to limit guest speed New Topic
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From: United States
Posted:1/16/2013 10:23:00 AM # 1
>I need to limit my guest network and I am looking for the best/simple firmware that anyone could recommend. I would prefer it to be close to the stock firmware if possible. This is one feature I really would like. Thanks for the help.

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From: Canada
Posted:1/16/2013 12:12:00 PM # 2
Hey! >
>To start off I'd like to state that I am by no means a professional, and I have not tested any suggestions I make. (Due to not using the Guest Network feature) >
>My suggestion within the current firmware is this: >
>Determine which users you do not wish to limit (AKA the non-guests) and manually assign each MAC Address associated with their computer to its own network IP (under LAN > DHCP Server). >
>Refer to your IP Pool Starting Address and Ending Address (Under the same tab).>
>Once you've assigned all the non-guests, record the remaining IPs in the pool. Meaning that if your pool is from to and the ones you've assigned go up to 20. ( then you'll have 21-50 as unassigned IPs for use by your Guest Network. Don't forget to hit apply>
>Then, hit the Traffic Manager, then in the drop down menu hit User-defined QoS rules. >One by one add each of the remaining IP's to this list with the destination port set as 1:65535 protocol as TCP/UDP , Transferred 0 ~ BLANK KB, and Priority as Lowest. (Don't actually write blank).  Hit Apply>
>Once again, select the dropdown menu and hit User-defined Priority. >
>In this section you can set the Maximum Bandwidth Limit for each Level of priority on the UDP and TCP end, as a percentage of your total bandwidth. >
>For this to work correctly, you must record your Upload and Download Bandwidth in the Automatic Mode tab of the dropdown menu. You can find this through your ISP, either on their website or your Internet bill (you may have to find out what plan you're on from your bill then refer to the website to find out your provided speeds) >
>ASUS's routers work in Megabit / second. So the speeds your recording in both the Automatic Mode tab, and the User-Defined priority tab must be Mb/s rather than MB/s. Mb/s is a larger number. ISPs usually provide the bandwidth information already in Mb/s but I thought I'd just throw in a heads up.>
>Once again, I have never tested any of this so it is all purely theoretical.>

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