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  Topic : [Problem]USB 3.0 20 pin header can't power drive? New Topic
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Posted:11/15/2012 11:17:00 AM # 1
So my case has 1 front usb 3 port, but it was made before usb 3.0 headers were normal, so previously you had to run the cable to the rear of the case and plug it directly into another usb 3.0 port.   With this motherboard I purchased a 2 Port USB 3.0 to 20 Pin Adapter and plugged the USB 3 cable into it.

The problem is it doesn't look like its giving enough power to my WD Passport USB 3 drive.  I have no problems using a usb 2 cable and the computer reads the drive fine, but when I try with the usb 3 cable the drive lights up and it sounds like windows is trying to read it but nothing ever happens.

I know the drive is good because when I plug it into a rear usb 3 port it runs fine.   Is the from 20 pin header not giving enough juice?  is the adapter I bought bad?

Any suggestions?  Thanks

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Posted:11/21/2012 1:31:00 AM # 2
Hi H...

These drives are apparently powered by +5vdc.. which is available for all USB ports...  so I don't believe power is the issue.. especially since the drive works fine when connected to a rear port..

There is apparently some connectivity issue with the front panel ports or wiring.. most likely a data connectivity issue.

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