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Paul Vail
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Posted:12/8/2012 5:26:00 AM # 11

Author: WhoDave Posted: 12/6/2012 3:21:00 PM

I had many of the same issues described in this thread. As in the case of others, pressing the WPS button on the EA-66NR and my Westell 7500 router seemed to do nothing. I noticed that holding down the WPS button on the EA-66NR for several seconds made the lights blink quickly, but I never discovered the significance of this. Typing only took me to the website, not the web GUI as stated in the Quick Start Guide. Once I plugged in the ethernet cable from the EA-N66R to my computer, I no longer had internet access. However, I read in another thread (EA-N66) to use "" to access the web GUI and it worked. This would be a handy note to include in the Quick Start manual. From there I was able to follow the wizard and activate the wireless connection and everything went smooth from there.

I also noticed that when I inserted the ethernet cable into my computer that a new network was created. I suspect that this is caused by the default setting on the EA-66NR as an Ethernet Adapter, but that's just a guess on my part.

The user manual has some very useful information, but you have to download the manual and you have to actually be able to access the GUI to use this information.

Hope this helps others to avoid wasting a couple of hours as I did.....

Nuts -- you would have saved me a half hour :)    Discovered much the same as you.  Thx for your post.  Wish I had read it before I answered that first gal.>
>Yes, ASUS, hire an English-speaking professional with some technical writing chops.  Expanding your small manual with the instructions we offered would have really helped in the setup.   Surely you have good kit, but you need to 'speak' to your audience on their level with complete documentation to help penetrate this market.   Best of luck.

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