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  Topic : [Problem]Backup DNS server setup with DHCP New Topic
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Posted:9/7/2012 1:38:00 PM # 1
I am attemting to set up the AC66U to my network. Everything went smooth, except for the DHCP configuration. I have a local DNS server with an IP Address of with local hostnames for static addressed computers, then the DSL modem's DNS proxy (read ISPs DNS) of on the WAN side in case the local DNS server goes down.

In the DHCP configuration page, there "is" an option for DNS Server, but it only takes one IP address. How do I add a backup DNS server to the DHCP response? Is it even possible from the web interface?

I even checked the telnet login, but could not find the dhcp configuration file in the /etc/ or /rom/etc/ folders.


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