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  Topic : [Problem]K53E wireless adapter keeps turning off New Topic
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Posted:8/27/2012 2:32:00 PM # 1
Re: K53E-BBR11 notebook Firstly, I apologize for selecting an irrelevant model... "Wireless" was the only forum category that seemed remotely relevant. I found no notebook/laptop category. Under wireless, there is no Atheros AR9285 option. You'd think I never used a web forum before, but I am just trying to find my way through this one. Atheros wireless adapter AR9285 keeps turning itself off if PC display is closed. Must use diagnostics every time to turn it back on. Power save option for both the Atheros and Microsoft Mini-port (not connected anyway) have been turned off. I reinstalled driver from asus site. Acts differently now... slower, sometimes will fix itself if one waits a few mnutes. I found a wireless diagnostic log that gave a description of 'radio is off' due to s/w switch...this may be what is already is off=wireless adapter is disconnected. Is there any other way to check settings other than using a wizard each time that simply says 'turn on wireless capability'? Any other suggestions? A co-worker said to restore the original s/w load from the recovery folder, but that seems a bit drastic. Thank you Murray

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