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  Topic : [Problem]Adding a router to an existing combo router (ATT Uverse router/modem) New Topic
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Posted:6/25/2012 4:54:00 PM # 1
Hi All!
I found two guides for people trying to adding a router to wireless gateway(Router+modem combo).

Main example shown here is connecting to AT&T Uverse, but this applies to other models as well.

If you are unable to change settings on your modem+router+gateway settings, all Asus routers include an access point mode which can be set through changing the operating mode. Depending on the router, some features may be disabled in access point mode.

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Posted:6/26/2012 9:38:00 PM # 2
Why is THIS sticky, this is no big deal for anyone who has ever worked with networks. 

Make something STICKY when they !$!@(! router WORKS.

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"I realized that it's the person who can cheerfully accept the madness of this world that is truely insane." - Cornfed
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Posted:6/27/2012 2:36:00 AM # 3

Author: fscked Posted: 6/26/2012 9:38:00 PM

Why is THIS sticky, this is no big deal for anyone who has ever worked with networks. 

Make something STICKY when they !$!@(! router WORKS.
I see you also are frustrated with this so called router. Asus perhaps will deliver a fw.
that will work in the near future ?

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From: Canada
Posted:7/7/2012 1:37:00 AM # 4
Can you show us an example for rural Telus customers (most of Canada) where the only the Huawei E397 is currently available??

"Hello, I need to know from you if the RT-N66U router supports the Huawei E397 USB
3/4G adapter since this is all our ISP here uses.

Here is a link to the device.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.



No the router at this time does not support the E397 modem, it does support the E367.

Kind regards,

ASUS Technical Support
(812) 282-2787"

Sure glad they took the time to read the email and follow the link to see that the ISP only offers the one specific adapter for rural 3G customers. But that does answer the question, No, its not compatible with the current Telus hardware.

Rural Canadian customers might want to look at the Mofi 3500 3GN V2, it currently supports ALL Canadian ISP hardware.

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Posted:10/31/2012 5:02:00 AM # 5
The procedure indicated is basically corect as far as i can tell but it could be advantageous to leave the first router wirelessly connected as it facilitates being able to make changes to the router from a computer connected to the secpond router. All you have to do to gain control is disconnect from the second router network and reconnect wirelessly to the first router network and you now can control the first router network settings if you need access. Secondly, you may need to put the first router in Bridge mode to avoid possibe warning messages.

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Posted:9/22/2014 4:28:00 PM # 6
Hi, how can I contact a forum moderator?>Thx

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Posted:10/17/2014 4:41:00 PM # 7
I think the forum moderators are virtual! Due to the lack of feedback shown here :-(

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Posted:8/8/2017 10:18:00 AM # 8
IF any ISP Modems have built in routers, it's best to bridge them fully if that is supported by the ISP and modem. If the modem can't be bridged, then use of the modems DMZ for the external router can be used for the IP address the modem gives to the external router. 

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