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Posted:5/21/2012 10:02:00 AM # 1
I do research about the Asus Z9PE-D8 WS motherboard card about managing the 14 SATA coming with the card.
As far as I understood the spec it is split in three controller chip :
6 port controlled by the PCH C602 Chip
4 port controlled by the PCH SCU controler
4 port controlled by the marvell add-in chip.

By we can read this in the manual of the motherboard :
(under 4.section about BIOS review)
"The PCH SCU SAS configuration items appears only when you have installed the ASRK module (optional) on the motherboard."
So to be able to managed this BIOS entry you have to buy an hardware module named ASRK. This entry is to be used for a RAID managing (see Section 5.3 in the manual)

But what does this imply about the SATA port itself managed by the PCH SCU controller ?
Are they completely available without this ASRK module for non RAID use, or are we needed to buy this optional ASRK module even for using this PORT.

To resume my question : If i have 14 HDD can I use them completely (exuding RAID consideration), plugging them on the total 14 SATA port of the motherboard, without buying any hardware addition module (like this ASRK module) ?

Thanks for any answer about my issue.

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