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  Topic : [Problem]ASUS laptop not connecting to internet (Ignore model, had to pick one!) New Topic
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From: Norway
Posted:7/7/2011 5:54:00 AM # 1
Bit confused where to put this since there is no laptop or notebook forum (really?) but I guess this is the closest I get. I bought an ASUS brand laptop only a few days ago, an ASUS X53SV. Due to the obscene amount of bloatware on it, I decided to do a fresh install of Windows 7 in order to make it a little cleaner. But unfortunately once I had made the fresh install, the computer is unable to make a connection to the internet. Not through wireless or an Ethernet cable. Now I would guess it has something to do with some piece of software necessary to make the network card work but I might be wrong. Obviously I have access to Internet through other computers and if necesary can download any drivers or files on another computer and transfer via an external hard drive. Any help in solving my problem would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on calling the ASUS support phone in the morning, but I've dealt with enough customer support services over phone not to have too high hopes there. Hopefully people here will be able to help as well. Again sorry if this is the wrong forum for this, but I couldn't really figure out where else to go. Hallow.

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From: Argentina
Posted:7/30/2011 7:00:00 AM # 2
You must install the driver of your wireless device.

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