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  Topic : [Problem]SAB X58 + ALC892 >> DD/DTS?? New Topic
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From: Greece
Posted:2/23/2011 8:30:00 PM # 1

I have problem with the sound. i've installed latest drivers for ALC892 , i have connected my Logitech Z5400 with Optical fibre  and i can't get DTS/DD , just STEREO
But when i play a .mkv movie with DTS doesn't give me DTS sound on my sound device!!

when i get into sound properties and check the "test" for DTS /DD it gives me on the Sound Device Panel >>DTS/ DD  pefectly!! But with Movie or anything else i can't get it.

What should i do to hear DTS/DolbyDigital on my Speakers?
I think there is a luck of Software on the Realtek ALC892 that doesn't support this...
is there any solution?

thanks in advance

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From: Canada
Posted:4/6/2011 10:45:00 AM # 2
Depends how the software is setup. I use ac3filter for my sound options and have selectes spdif pass-through in the main options and it works perfect through optical. DTS works too. Works on windows media player. So i would say all you need to do is install ac3filter.

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