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Posted:1/7/2011 10:03:00 PM # 1
I recently purchased a pair of ENGTS450 Graphics cards and I am having trouble with the Motherboard. The board is not detecting any card in the Black PCI-E slot. I have checked the web, and ASUS, with no help. I do not have a setting in bios of enabling that slot so I figured it should be automatic. My specs... P5N-D Motherboard (with latest BIOS revision) Q9550 Core 2 Quad Intel CPU 8GB Corsair Xtreme Ram 1 TB and 500GB Hard Drives. P.S. I have built several systems over the years and I do realize you have to re-seat graphics cards sometimes, but come on, I switched the pair back and forth several times, and still no detection on the Black PCI-E slot and of course no SLI. The first easy answer is RMA the board, but this is the second board.

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