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  Topic : [Problem]Bios for M3A New Topic
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From: Poland
Posted:8/13/2010 8:59:00 PM # 1

I have asus m3a motherboard, phenom x3 8650 2,3 ghz @ 2,7 Ghz procesor , 4 Gb DDR 2 , Radeon hd 4870 512 Mb, Windows Vista home basic 64-bit. I have bios 1001. It bacame unstable. My computere freezes and sometimes system do not want to boot and computer restarts sometimes. I would like to update bios.

Do you know which version of Bios would be the best for me ? I mean, which version is the most stable for my configuration ?

Please i need your help.

Best regards from Poland :) 

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From: Brazil
Posted:8/14/2010 1:51:00 AM # 2
Hi Kabe,

For what i´ve been reading here, Bios 1105 beta is the most stable. People with 1108 are downgrading to 1105. People, like me, with 1206, the latest, are having problems with it, unstable systems, freezing, not booting, mostly on Windows 7 64bits but also on Vista 32bits, which happened to me. I didn´t manage to downgrade from 1206 to 1105 (yet), but my system is acting a little better now, not sure what changes on the Bios setting made the difference. It´s still under observation, if it freezes again, I´ll try downgrading to 1105. My previous and stable Bios was 1102.
Just a quick update:
I was able to downgrade my Asus M3A Bios 1206 to 1105 with Afudos v2.29ES (, other versions of Afudos didn´t worked for me.
Method: FAT32 Windows 98 DOS bootable USB pendrive with afudos and .rom files.
Command used: afudos /i1105.rom /pbnc /n

Bios 1206 was too unstable on my Phenom X4 9550, Windows 7 x64.

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From: Italy
Posted:9/6/2010 8:11:00 AM # 3
Thanks Dan, I'm searching around for a version of Afudos useful to downgrade the bios. I come back to 1001, is the best for Phenom 9500. With 1206 I have freeze every 3 - 4 minutes.

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