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  Topic : [Problem]PC will not power on, blinking MoBo & LAN LEDs New Topic
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Posted:8/5/2010 2:12:00 AM # 1
I am trying to diagnose why my Pc will not power-on and why the Green LED and the LAN lights blink when the Power supply is connected to the MOBO.

I was working on my computer when a thunder-storm came rolling through and we had some pretty serious lightning strikes. One in particular was extremely close to my house. As soon as it struck, thunder sounded, the power in my house flickered, all of my smoke detectors/fire alarms went off, and my PC quickly powered off. (oh…and I peed my pants :-) ) I decided to unplug all of my electronics from the walls just to be safe. After the storm I plugged everything back in and everything but my PC was working. My monitor is fine, my printers, external HDs, PS3, TV, etc. all are working. I use surge protectors on all of my electronic equipment and my PC was plugged into one at the time.

* The green LED on the MoBo and the LAN_1 lights are blinking simultaneously.
* The PC will not power on

Things I have tried:
* I tried to clear the RTC RAM
* I tried pulling the CMOS battery
* I tried triggering the power on with using a screwdriver, just to make sure that my power button on the front of the case was not faulty.

I tested the Power Supply via the Paper Clip Method. I hooked up all of my fans, two HDs and one of my DVD drives. The PS was able to power on all of those components. So I think the PS is okay.
This power supply is less than 8 months old. I am not sure if this testing method really can diagnose a bad PS. I have been reading some threads on here about some people having the same problem and that it could be a problem with the +5vdc standby power circuit, either a short on the board or that the PS is not keeping a steady +5vdc standby power. If the PS can run all of those components, does that mean that it is not bad?

I do not have an extra PS or MoBo and would really like to keep from buying unnecessary extra parts. So I thought I would ask here first before going out and purchasing a new PS or MoBo.
Any thoughts about what could be the problem, or other methods of testing? Does anyone recommend getting a Power Supply tester? Thanks for your help!

Motherboard: - P5WD2-E Premium

Power Supply: - Corsair CMPSU-620HX

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