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  Topic : [Problem]cpu retainer New Topic
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From: United Kingdom
Posted:7/16/2010 9:16:00 PM # 1
hi all. wonder if someone could advise, please? i live in the UK and have an asus M2N-E, amd, mobo. it started to not boot up. when i checked inside the case, i found that one of the retaining lugs on each side of the black, plastic square that allows the heatsink and fan to be held in position, had broken off. as there is no way to keep things in position, this is obviously causing the computer cpu to overheat/not boot and shut down. does anyone know if it is possible to buy and replace that plastic square? if so, any idea where from and what price it is?
tnx for any help offered.

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Posted:7/17/2010 10:04:00 PM # 2

Welcome. you might go to a computer shop and ask it have one on bad motherboard. It also may be a good excuse to up grade the motherboard or CPU Cooler ( some come with retension bracket. EBAY may be another source. I think most any AMD retainer will work? Cheers

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