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  Topic : [Problem]Won't start with 1TB USB Drive plugged in New Topic
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Posted:5/25/2010 9:46:00 PM # 1
Hi all,  I've had the P4P800Deluxe motherboard since 2005. 
This is my first issue to date.

I recently purchased a 1TB Western Digital external drive.  During boot-up, the computer hangs at the bios screen.  With the drive plugged in, I cannot access bios.  *When the 500GB Western Digital ext drive is plugged in, the computer starts with no interruption*

If I unplug it, I will be able to access bios.  What setting am I looking for in the usb configuration?  There isn't a setting to disable. Is there a setting to disable?

I'll have to check my version of bios.  Can I use the asus update tool v7 to update the bios?

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