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Posted:5/22/2010 6:56:00 PM # 1
I was unaware of this update, this is for others who were unaware as well.

Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver v9.6

Intel have released new drivers (Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver v9.6, previously known as Intel Matrix Storage Manager) for their desktop RAID controllers, and in some cases it appears that SCSI paths for disks attached to the controller are changing.

A change in SCSI paths isn’t anything catastrophic, but it does mean that your Disk Management wireframe might need to be reconfigured.

The wireframe tracks disk locations based on their SCSI path, and will highlight a drive bay in red if a particular path isn’t present anymore. If you update your disk controller drivers and some drive bays turn red, you just need to jump into the Settings dialog box, edit your wireframe, and change those drive bays to use the new SCSI paths.

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