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  Topic : [Problem]Reinstall Windows 7 New Topic
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Posted:5/12/2010 3:04:00 AM # 1

I have been having a growing number of issues with my CG5270 and would like to reinstall Win 7 (64bit) from scratch.  Win 7 came pre-installed on my machine a couple months ago.  I can't seem to find the Win7 disks, or does it not come with them?  Is there a hidden partition?  What is the best method to format & reinstall?  I have a complete backup of my files, I just really want a fresh start.

Here are the troubles I have been having:
(1) A folder on my D: drive was labeled "Andre-PC" and when looked in there (had to use an admin account), I found what was obviously the original owner's (basically empty) backup folders.  So that was my first clue that Asus didn't do a thorough, clean refurb. 
(2) Permissions issues:  On my D: drive and in certain folders on C:, many programs can't access files.  Even when I "Run As Admin", it will report access denied.  I had cygwin installed and tried to change permission
(3) The real killer for me, since this is really just my HTPC, is that Windows Media Center cannot record.  It used to, but about a month ago, though I can view TV when I try to record, it just says that the program "will be" recorded.  But it isn't.  Other related oddities are that when I try to access the WMC7 recorded program History, it crashes.
(4) WMC cannot add any new folders to its library.

I have tried going back to the earliest System Restore point that I have (no better), adding new users (same results with WMC), taking ownership of the drives and folders (I did, but it didn't help), and changing permissions with Windows (though Win7 permissions are aggravating and so I may be missing something) or other routes like cygwin.  To no avail.


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From: Singapore
Posted:5/12/2010 10:03:00 PM # 2
i have learned my lesson years  before so i insisted on getting a CD before buying the computer. a lot of shops in my country told me nowaday there is NO CD with new computer purchase so i go round until i bought one with the original CD.
please also take note that do not get CD that is just copied out of computer for reasons you probably already know, i always see that the CD is original from microsoft or from the manufacturer.

it seems that you need to pursue this matter with the shop that sell you the computer to get the original CD.. it is costly to get a license key.

if you have difficulty for some reasons to get back the CD, and you are impatient somehow due to your computer's problem, then one path you can take is go for a 90 day evaluation copy from microsoft, this is the enterprise version with full functionality and license key embedded. this give you a lot of time to pursue the CD.
in order for you to get this you would need to submit your information as IT worker, manager etc in your email response, you would understand this when you read from website below .  here is the link:
it is about 2.4G iso file. both 32-bit and 64-bit available

if you are not familiar with iso file, then you need to get a tool that can burn this file and produce a bootable CD or bootable USB flash , here is the link for the tool

finally, there are many ways, this is just one method, this is for general computer that meet the hardware requirement for win7 installation. i use this for many installations for old computers and laptops with various CPU/RAM and have no problem getting them working, but i have not had a chance to work on your model. you need to download all the win7 drivers for your computer because you might need it after win7 installation.

good luck.

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