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Posted:4/18/2010 3:03:00 AM # 1
You have a limitation because your router is ADSL, therefore the 'WAN port' is  RJ11 or telephone jack, it is not compatible with RJ45 Ethernet net port.  Thus your configuration become possible only using LAN ( of main router ) to LAN of your second router.

Try this
1. leave the RJ11 open.

2. Connect your computer to one of the router LAN port and configure IP addr:
Find out what is IP address of the main router ( the one that provide your with  'free internet LAN") and its range. Lets says the main router IP is and its DHCP covers, then you set your router IP LAN IP to be or higher. This is to ensure there is no conflict in IP address

3. Disable the DHCP of your router.

4. Turn off your wireless radio ( since your do not want to let other access wirelessly to your network).

5.  Set your mode of operation to 'router' . Sorry I am not familiar with your router, mine is RT N16 and on the Administration>>Operation Mode, there are three modes : Broadband sharing, Router and access point.  
I think your previous direct access to Internet via ADSL port was set to Broadband mode ( or other equivalent terms) with NAT enable.
This time your mode of operation is "router mode' with NAT disable.

6. Test.. your computer should be able to access internet.

5. Once this one can access, you can connect your second computer and network printer on the LAN ports of your router. At the same time wireless also should work.

As you do not have a Ethernet WAN port, I think you ready cannot operate with different network segments. Perhaps other might be more knowledgeable about special details on your router and had a solution for you. If this is the limit, perhaps you have to use other sharing / access control on windows OS for your control on printer/files sharing.

Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

Author: Thirsty Posted: 4/17/2010 8:27:00 PM

I've read through the manual, and cannot figure this out.

I've got two PCs and a networked printer that previously were connected to an ISP via ADSL. These worked fine.

I've now moved to another location where there is free access to the internet via a LAN connection.

The WL-600g, PCs and printer were currently set up as IP address range The local LAN I am connection to is set up as and provides gateway and DNS facilities.

Basically I hoping the WL-600g can be configured to only be used as a switch, and I'm hoping it will translate the 192.xx to 10.xx traffic for me so I don't share my printer with the rest of the LAN and have to do any reconfiguring on the PCs and printer.

I won't need the ADSL modem side of things any more, and will connect to a switch on the local LAN via Ethernet.

Is this possible, and if so, how?

(I know enough about configuration to telnet to the router if necessary and issue CLI commands)

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