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  Topic : [Feedback and Suggestion]Restoring 1000HE Eee PC to Factory Settings New Topic
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Posted:3/8/2010 1:50:00 AM # 1
I keep seen the question: How to restore the Asus 1000HE Eee PC to factory settings? If you haven't deleted or formatted the 4.89GB recovery partition that came in your hard drive, the 1000HE Eee PC (Windows only) could be restored to factory settings with the quick recovery system by just pressing the F9 key three times during start-up. There is no need of a Windows CD or driver CD. After pressing the F9 key three times it may seem that Windows is booting again but that’s how the recovery console works be patient. If you want to know if the recovery partition is still there on Windows go to Disk Management* console to see the available partitions on your hard drive. Back up your data to an external storage or the Eee Online Storage prior to using the recovery system, since all your data will be overwritten.

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Posted:3/16/2010 12:45:00 PM # 2
This topic has been mentioned before. RTFM [read the fine manual]. It mentions in the latter chapters regarding a restore.

If you have the Win XP Home OEM media, you may want to also think about installing Win XP on your own. Reason for this is that a good chunk of the drivers have been updated plus there is stuff that you may not want from the original image. There is some Asian character stuff, StarOffice [or was it OpenOffice], etc.

You should also think of updating the BIOS while at it.

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