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  Topic : [Problem]904hd xp support dvd New Topic
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From: GBR
Posted:1/22/2010 9:06:00 PM # 1

Please, please, please can anyone out there help me get my hands on an Eee PC 904 HD xp support DVD disc as my pc will not work without it? I have been in touch with asus and they cannot help .pc world can only fix my pc if I can give them the recovery disc to which I don’t have. It’s mad to think a pc I pad £400.00 for cant be fixed unless I have this disc. One thing this has taught me is that I have to look after the disc in fetcher

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From: United States
Posted:1/22/2010 9:34:00 PM # 2
Click here, choose your OS.
All the files on the CD are there.

You can also click Download on the blue bar near the top on this page, follow the prompts and you will find the download page for your Eee PC

I doubt I would deal with a store that couldn't even find that page.

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From: United States
Posted:1/17/2012 3:39:00 AM # 3
Hello, On the downloads area looking for the system restore disk download and it is, of course, not that simple. PC is ASUS1005HAB eee Pc and the operating system is XP and not sure what exactly I am looking for to download. It doesn't just have an option of "restore disk" and F9 is not working and yes I disabled Boot Booster. *sighs* I'm trying to help my friend with this and we are both students who don't have the money right now to take it somewhere so any help at all would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks! Tracy and Lacey.

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