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  Topic : [Problem]EN9500 HDMI No sound New Topic
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From: NLD
Posted:12/31/2009 6:39:00 PM # 1
Hi all,

I have a Asus MB p5e DeLuxe \ Soundcard Creative X-Fi Elite Pro \ Asus EN9500 GT - 1GB.
On the MB there is a (3-pin) Spdif out connection which is enabled in the Bios (Enabled\AC97)
The creative X-Fi soundcard has a 4 pin connector (aux)
The Asus EN9500 has a two pin connector.

The DVI connector from the Asus EN9500 is for a acer PC monitor.
The HDMI Connector is connected to a Samsung LCD TV.

When i connect the HDMI cable to a laptop there's sound.

I've read some topics here about "HDMI No Sound" and that some had changed\twisted the arrow\plus connection on the MB or on the AsusGC two-pin connection. That's not helping for me.

In the sound-configuration from Windows Vista i have only the Creative X-Fi card and the Spdif out also from the X-Fi sound card. So not the Spdif out from the MB.

Ofcourse i've tried the basic stuff ... installing .... uninstalling .... removing Soundcard\GC etc... \ Connecting a cable to the X-Fi Elite pro Aux to the two pin connector Asus GC \ Connecting the standard cable from the GC to the Spdif out on the MB. It's driving me nuts so far ... ;-)

I'll hope the story above is not too confusing and that someone is able to help me and get hdmi-sound to the LCD TV.

With kind regards,

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From: NLD
Posted:1/8/2010 3:09:00 AM # 2
Ok ... took me a couple of days to figure it out:

Soundcard Creative X-Fi Elite Pro does not have a spdif out connector. So its a "impossible" combination.... (besides maybe a possible connection to the s/pdif out to the external control box <-> tv.) Anyway this is my solution which works:

Switched the above soundcard for a Creative X-Fi extreme music. (lucky i allready had one) and connected it to the Asus EN9500GT.

So the situation is:

Asus 9500GT pins: .. conect them.
Creative X-Fi extreme music: connect pins 7 and 9 from the s/pdif_io connector.

..... = eight-pin connector - bold are the connected pins. if it doesn't work reverse the connector on the grapicscard.

Hope this helpes some1 in the future

kind regards,

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From: FRA
Posted:2/20/2010 3:56:00 AM # 3
Hi Smobi!

Your point addresses exactly the issue I am facing, but I do not really understand what you suggest to do. I have the same XFI card as you. Would you please be kind enough as to explain more clearly what you mean by: "
connect pins 7 and 9 from the s/pdif_io connector". does it not work with the interal CD/TV connector?

I have little tech knowledge!

Thank you soo much!


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