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  Topic : [Problem]Laptop keeps overheating New Topic
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From: Netherlands
Posted:12/15/2009 8:49:00 PM # 1
Hello good people, I'm a proud owner of the Z53T model from asus and its been working for about 3 years now. Have had minor problems but they were all fixed in matter of seconds. I had to send it back ones because a cable for the screen was broken but the rest I was able to fix myself. However recently my laptop started to act funny. I tried to install a new driver for its grafix card but that made the laptop go insane. I was unable to change the resolution from 640x480 to any other setting and it didnt allow me to start any other program. I didnt have any patience for it anymore so I decide to reinstall windows again. Which seemed to fix the problem. I reinstalled all the drivers and was able to once again use my laptop. Now however the laptop seems to be overheating when I start to activily use it. This differs from watching a youtube video, launch a game, read the newspaper, etc. It doesn't matter what I do. It keeps getting hot and eventually it shuts down. I then have to wait until its cooled down before I can restart it. I've tried several options like cleaning the fan and using the alien like substance for better heat conduction. (I geuss the blue transparent stuff has a different name but I geuss some of you know what I'm talking about) Further more I've tried to find some other solutions on the internet but was unable to find any apart from the fan table to put beneath the laptop ( sadly tho I can't try this option for I can't find a fan table anywhere around). Leading me to try and ask the friendly community of ASUS and see if they can help me with this little issue. I will also send an e-mail to the technical support but I've found that forums and and none company related people were always able to put a new insight to a problem. Thanks in advance Groeten uit nederland Greetz from Holland Burt PS: I hope my english isen't as bad as I think it is.

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From: AUS
Posted:12/16/2009 5:25:00 PM # 2

It is necessary to clean the fan and cooling system devices periodically.  Refer to the following site about how to do it.


Also refer to Overheating/Shutting Down.


Good luck!!

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