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From: United States
Posted:11/25/2009 2:51:00 PM # 1
I received my G51Vx-X3A in the mail today. It came with extra crap as always, I went straight to using the "Win7" disk to reformat and use a single partition. Eventually it asked for the driver disk which I put in. It eventually finished installing, and it turned out that it reinstalled all the software again too.

I Googled around and the only post I could find for a clean Win7 install is to press the power button when it asks for the driver disk, reboot and manually install the drivers after. Is this the only way? It seems like that method could be prone to problems too. /shrug

Anyways, any help on a fresh Win7 install would be appreciated.

PS - Almost forgot, after I do get a fresh install. Should it run fine with just the drivers installed, or is any of the "recommended software" actually recommended?

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From: United States
Posted:11/27/2009 12:20:00 PM # 2
You just have to install the drivers given with the laptop. Run the autorun.exe with Compatibility mode if you encounter "bad os" problems. I suggest you to do a RAID-0 (Activate in the BIOS (F2) and (Ctrl+E at boot) ) if you have the dual hdd version of the G51Vx . After making a RAID-0 , create 2 partitions (one small about 80gb and another, bigger, for long term storage). Install windows 7 x64 on the small partition, run the cd drivers, download your latest NVIDIA drivers, Realtek Audio HD Drivers (for the audio), install avast, Firefox, Spybot Seek & Destroy, Winamp, WinRAR and Media Player Classic. Install latest Windows Updates, daemon tools. And here you are, you've a clean install fully available and ready to play.

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From: CAN
Posted:1/19/2010 10:24:00 PM # 3
I bought mine with Vista installed and did the clean install once i got the win7 upgrade disk. When installing the driver disk i had the option of un-checking ALL and just selecting the drivers and not the utilities / extras.....

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From: AUS
Posted:1/19/2010 11:32:00 PM # 4
Today I did a clean install of Windows 7 on my X85SE laptop, although at boot is still asks me to select either Vista or Windows 7...

Anyway, the best way to avoid ASUS bloatware is to go to the download section and download the select drivers YOU want/need. That way you get the latest, most up to date drivers. It's worked fine so far, except for the AUDIO. Without driver, sounds fine, but no microphone. With driver, sounds terrible (noisy, scratchy at high frequency) but the microphone works... go figure lol.

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