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  Topic : [Problem]Windows 7 Upgrade Problems New Topic
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From: USA
Posted:11/21/2009 12:46:00 AM # 1
Yesterday I installed Windows 7 Home Premium and replaced my original XP operating system. I did not upgrade my Bios to v.2204 (which supports Win 7) before the installation. Windows 7 works, but I keep getting 2 error messages. The first says SHE and BIOS version error. The second says ACPI Service and can't get WMI Asus Management object. I have tried to download all the Asus drivers and utilities for Win 7 specified for the 1000HA. Some will install and others will not. The problem seems to be that I did not upgrade the BIOS to v.2204 prior to installing Win 7.I have tried to download the Asus Updater utility (2 different versions), but neither version will install. I think that I need to upgrade the Bios before installing the Win 7 utilities and drivers, but I am unable to do so without the Asus updater utility. Can someone please give me a step by step listing re the Bios update. Also, if I am unable to update the BIOS, how can I resolve the error messages? Please keep in mind that I need very specific suggestions because I have never upgraded a Windows operating system before. Thank you.

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From: France
Posted:11/22/2009 4:10:00 AM # 2
i have the same problem they are one month. try to uninstall the ACPI driver, they don't work with 7. but if you donwload the 1000H diver they work. everything it's on this link :

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