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Posted:11/10/2009 7:19:00 PM # 1
Does anybody have the Asus EEE-PC 900 with Linux software on it?

I have bought a HP All-in-one Deskjet F2280, and I need to know what kind of LINUX-Debian software is on my laptop, cause I need to download a driver to get the printer/scanner/copier working.

I have absolutely no idea how to find this out.
I am being asked the following question:
Which Linux-Debian do I have, Debian (4.0, 4.0r0, 4.0r1, 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2,
lenny, lenny/sid, stable, testing)?

Is there anybody that also has the same laptop and does have some computer software knowledge, and could tell me how to find out which sort of LINUX-Debian software I have on my computer?

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Have no technical knowledge of computers.

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Posted:11/11/2009 2:15:00 AM # 2
I have just been told by the Asus EEE-pc technical team that I have software called LINUX-Xandros.
Have no idea if that is different to LINUX-Debian, which I was told before.
Anyhow, I still need to get my HP Deskjet F2280 to scan.

Anybody who can help me?????

Lady Jane

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Have no technical knowledge of computers.
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From: NLD
Posted:11/11/2009 4:20:00 AM # 3
For scanning you probably need to use XSane scanningsoftware. Since I don't work with Xandros anymore I don't know how to get there in Xandros. You probably can use a drawing program and than find the option import and than choose your scanningprogram XSane. It should work fine with your scanner. HP is known to work very well with linux.

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Asus Eeepc 900 - 20 GB SSD White, OS: Ubuntu NBR.
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Posted:11/11/2009 5:41:00 AM # 4
Xandros, the Linux distribution Asus ships, is based on Debian.
I am not sure on which version of Debian it is based, though. Based on the timelines, I would assume it is based on Debian 4.0 (code-named "etch") or 3.1 ("sarge").
Debian 5.0 ("lenny") is too new.
All the code-names come from the movie "Toy Story", btw. (see

Update: I just looked at one of my other Debian-based systems, and you can get the version by opening a terminal, and typing cat /etc/debian_version

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Black EeePC 900, Linux (Easy Peasy 1.5), and an assortment of other Linux and Unix systems. Running Slackware Linux since 1993. Developing software under Windows and Linux.
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