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  Topic : [Problem]WIFI not working on Windows New Topic
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From: Australia
Posted:10/26/2009 11:06:00 AM # 1
Hi, Im new to this forum.
I had a EEEPC 701 with windows which died so I've just recently purchased a eeepc 701SDX for cheap.

I used the Windows XP CD from my old EEEPC 701 to install it on this 701SDX. I managed to get all the drivers to install. Running fine but the only issue I've ran into is the Wireless card won't pick up any connection.

On my old one it would install Atheros Client Utility and I would connect through that. I had to get the wireless drivers from the 701SD section which detects the hardware but I have no way of getting it to work. Even with Atheros Client install it's not detecting any connections.
I made sure it's Enabled in the BIOS.

It does show in the ballon more than one wireless connection detected but when I check in the wireless windows it shows nothing.

Can I have some assistant to get the wifi working on the 701SDX?

Much appreciated.

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