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  Topic : [Problem]Blu-ray playback New Topic
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Posted:10/9/2009 11:12:00 PM # 1
Hello, i'm having difficulty in playing blu ray discs on my computer.  When playback starts the picture is choppy with artifacts all over.  The card seems to be struggling to keep up.  The playback software is only at 17 percent cpu usage.  Thats why i'm posing my question here.  It seems the software and other hardware are working within a normal range.  I'm using powerdvd 8.  According to their specs I should be fine: AMD Athalon 64 X2 3800+ 2.4 Ghz, 1 Gig ram, Windows XP Sp2, The cpu usage is low total system usage is at 20 or so percent, and everything seems happy with HDCP.  The only problem seems to be that the video card is struggling....  I was led to believe that the EAH2400 should work fine for normal blu-ray playback.  Is this something a driver or bios upgrade or some setting change would fix?  I spent alot of time making sure all the hardware and software was within spec and happy with HDCP.  The movie is definitely playing, the images have good color and sharpness. It just skips with artifacts like when a dvd skips or satellite starts to lose signal.  Is there any way for the cpu to take some load off the card?  Or some needless video software that I could disable to help take off some of the load?  Could it be a codec?  Any help would be great!  I'm so close to watching a blu ray I can almost taste it! 

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