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  Topic : [Problem]help with pci-e boot New Topic
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Posted:10/9/2009 2:07:00 PM # 1
hey guys... im new to this forum, but not new to pc's ive been building for awhile now off and on and this is the first time ive came across this problem.. i bought a pci-e video card from ebay and its an asus brand.. idk if there was a model sticker on it at one point, but im having trouble finding anything about this anywhere.. ive for sure located its a gt9800 512mb video.. i bought it as a 512mb video and confirmed it upon further investigation, but not sure of the exact model, i see asus and under that it says c403hrev:1.03    also i see at the bottom, 08g17013313  and on the back the ce>fc numbers are n13219    d33005.... i think the chipset number is g86-gw... i belive thats what i need to go off of, but no luck for this situation.. (hope i got the card described well enough ^^)  

well heres the 411 on my situation...  its dvi/hdmi/s-video compliant, but not vga... i got a brand new dvi/vga converter for it finally and i go to hook it up, but to no avail, posts nothing on my monitor... T.T    windows loads just fine, i can hear it all start up but nothing... yes i have an asus board too (asus rocks ^^) and i did turn off onboard periphial settings in bios and for pci-e to be primary boot.. also an option for it to boot pci-e first then onboard as secondary... theres a 2 pinned power wire attached to it too, i do know that most pci-e cards need an additional power too run them, but i have no where on my mobo or power supply for a 2 prong power cable... im thinking this is the situation, that its not getting power.. will i need to buy some converter for this cable from 2 prong to 4 prong? (4 prong like a fan hookup size, not a molex) or mabey i unplug the fan, cuz its a 4 prong.. .hook it to my mobo and hook a 4 prong cable to the card there, but i wanna post about it first before i blow my card XD... i would really like to use this cuz my pc is pretty decent, but the onboard video ram sucks.. i game online and it runs fine, but bit choppy on full rez... i want full res and to use this asus product :D.. and dont tell me anything about drivers yet, it wont show bios so its not the drivers...... if anyone can help me add me on msn .or post here.. would really appreciate it ^^

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