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Posted:10/7/2009 10:54:00 PM # 1
New system, moving disks from an existing system.

It sometimes boots but it is incredibly slow (e.g. the green Asus screen stays on for almost two minutes, or if you press DEL or TAB it is waiting after the "USB Devices(s) 1 Keyboard" message.

Worse, it will usually fail to detect the IDE drive correctly after initial power up, though going into setup and telling it to Auto detect the drive always works. This causes the dreaded "Reboot and select proper boot device", which is worked around by auto-detect and warm booting (F10).

Then, if I have installed the HD with OpenBSD loaded, it also takes a long time to detect the hd (both at boot> prompt and at kernel config), but then it runs perfectly!!  If I have installed the HD with XP loaded, it gives the usual Safe Mode prompt, but then reboots (this HD was working on another system).

Clearing CMOS does not change it.
Updating bios to 0901 does not change it.
Using different memory doesn't change it.
Using a different power supply doesn't change it.
Tried 3 different 80-cond IDE cables (2 official ASUS ones)
Tried using both Master/Slave select and Cable Select.
Disabling the SATA (under IDE Configuration) doesn't change it.

My CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 x2 BE-2400.
RAM is anywhere from 256M to to 2G from 3 manufacturers.

Running out of things to try, folks...

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S/W developer, Java & Unix expert. Half a dozen ASUS motherboards in various PCs I've worked on.
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