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  Topic : [Others]What is exactly in the GPL-Release in the download section?? New Topic
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From: Spain
Posted:10/5/2009 3:21:00 PM # 1

I have downloaded that file on the download section for the O!Play and as far as I can see it contains libraries and source code for:

  - samba server and swat (a smb.conf html config tool)
  - sqlite support
  - wi-fi drivers support
  - mp3 tag reader source code
  - C/C++ libraries for http/https requests management
  - An RSS feeds reader
  - An UPnP basic client/server?
  - File Compression and graphics decompression libraries

What exactly is this for? Are we expected to be able to compile these utilities/libraries with a cross-compiler for MIPS and move the executables into the O!Play?
I mean, it should be all right if this is the source code for building the whole actual system of the O!Play, but this looks just like a collection of tools and libraries...

And, by the way, what about the torrent client already present on the 1.07 version? If you request http://your.asus.oplay.ip/cgi-bin/webtorrent.cgi it responds something about a noninitialized bittorrent client. This is actually something present or just half-baked in there?

Lots of promises there, hope some are true!

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From: Israel
Posted:10/13/2009 6:26:00 PM # 2

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From: Netherlands
Posted:10/13/2009 7:12:00 PM # 3
In other forums i read application compatibility between all realtek 1073 mediaplayers.
Some have optware running.

Read this tread on the xbmc forum :  link

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