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Posted:9/27/2009 5:42:00 PM # 1

To help all the owner of an Essentio.
I tried to inform the President of ASUS and he does not care of our difficulties.
So I decided to find a solution

The result of my analyse is the following :
The problem of temperature comes from the Graphic Process Unit (GPU) and the passive cooling management. If you are in a room under 20°, no problem but the fan is noisy.
If you are in a room higher than 20°, this is the hell, the fan is VERY NOISY and the internal temperature will be so high that the HDD will be killed.

I did few modifications :
a) I removed the Disk drive, No effect.
b) I installed too fan in the foot of the pc. No major inpact.
c) I replaced the passive by a water cooling Zalman on the CPU : less efficient that the original passive cooling 
d) I install a water cooling on the GPU card. This decreased the temperature. 

Next step :
. externalize the HDD (installation of SATA plugs on the back face)
. try peltier card on the GPU card or in the left face

So if this help you. Please give me a feedback.

Best regards 

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