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From: Italy
Posted:9/22/2009 10:50:00 PM # 1

hi there guys,

i'm just new around here, take time to understand my situation. i'm not sure if anybody
out there might go crazy with my problem..

i just need a diagram for my laptop computer model x50sr (asus).  i bought it about 6 months ago. it was running really good then i notice that my internal clock is not that precise i miss about 30 seconds a day. thats it, if this goes on i think may intenal battery will discharge and will cause my computer to stop, rigth?

so if anybody out there from our support department that can give me a copy of diagram for my laptop.
pls. sent me a copy so i can replace my battery.

technical support in italy is not that good. and i can wait for there time table to fix my laptop. it take about 45 days or depend on there mood. i hope you get what i mean. i got some knowledge in reading diagram and technical background.


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