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  Topic : [Problem]OpenGL- 3D Games New Topic
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From: ISR
Posted:9/10/2009 3:56:00 PM # 1
hello all...

Yesterday i bought the EeePC 1101HA and i also upgraded it to 2 GB ram.
Everything is running sweet, but only if i want to play 3D games it's not working like it should, it's lagging like hell, graphics lag.. and i updated all my drivers + bios + windows updates all up to date..

When i run this poker 3D game it says i need to install OpenGL in-order to run 3D games smooth etc etc, if i can't run even small 3D games like this then whats the whole point i mean come on, it really bumbed me up... so i need to install this OpenGL and i couldn't find it anywhere to download... please if anyone would care to guide me or tell me where i can find this OpenGL to install on my EeePC 1101HA i would greatly appreciate it..

Best Regards

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