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Posted:9/3/2009 1:25:00 AM # 1
Having gone through a considerable exercise with ASUS and other forums; without an explanation for WHY it works this way, the following describes how to obtain audio over the hdmi cable to a TV.    Laptop: N10jh-A1 with Nvidia G105M graphics chip, power gear, etc.  TV is a 2008 Sony KDL-40v2500 LCD TV, 1080p television.

First:  Start >  Control Panel >  Sounds > Playback Tab >  right click on the SRS speakers icon and delete this item (can bring back by reversing this process).   The SRS icon will disappear.

Then go to the HDMI icon (The Realtek High Definition and Realtek audio should both be shown as 'working'.     Left click on hdmi icon to highlight, then select make hdmi the default device.  A green check should appear by the hdmi icon.     Shut down the computer.

Have the hdmi plugged into the TV, making sure you have the proper input selected on the TV, in the case of this Sony, used Input #7 which is  hdmi audio and sound, #6 is HDMI with separate RCA left and right composite plugs for audio.   DO NOT HAVE THE  HDMI PLUGGED IN TO THE LAPTOP WHILE BOOTING / TURNING THE LAPTOP ON.

After the laptop has booted to the desktop, THEN PLUG in the hdmi cord into the plug outlet on the left side of the laptop.   You should see  the picture on the TV screen, and when playing a video, will have audio as well as video going through the hdmi cable to the TV.    Note:  If you cannot see the task bar at the bottom of the TV, you will have to set the Power Gear , using Fn with F8 pressed together to toggle through selections until you get the icons for both laptop screen/hdmi cable  vs   hdmi cable only which provides just a picture on TV, none on laptop.    If both, make sure the settings for laptop does not have closing the screen turns off the laptop,, should select 'do nothing'.    When opening the laptop, the screen will go dark, show the video in a 1/4 size picture, then back to full picture on tv screen, then it continues with audio & video from laptop to TV.      This WORKS; however, ASUS tech service is to call back regarding when this is normal design, or a fault related to this particular laptop.   

Should be able to just plug in hdmi, getting sound and video.   Also, without deleting the SRS sound, the laptop defaulted back to the SRS sound from  hdmi, even though the laptop had hdmi as default when it was shut down last.   Without eliminating SRS, laptop continued to default to this from hdmi, having to reset, sometimes twice, making hdmi the default, making another device default, then doing hdmi as default again.    SRS is not gone, when booting will have pop up box questioning if you want to reinstall the SRS, which you need to do if you wish to use the laptop speakers and/or headphones which is tied to laptop speakers.

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