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  Topic : [Problem]Power adapter not working New Topic
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From: NLD
Posted:9/1/2009 9:42:00 PM # 1
Recently bought the 1101ha. Fine machine.
Yet after succesfully charging the battery a couple of times, the power adapter does not seem to work anymore. Notebook does no longer start up as battery is empty.
When plugged into the power-outlet (in the wall), the blue light on the adapter does not light up, nor is it warming up (no matter whether the power-jack is put into the notebook or not).
I know the power-outlet is working, so that can't be the solution.
Is the power adapter broken, or am I overlooking anything?

Very interested to hear any solution.

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From: USA
Posted:9/23/2009 8:36:00 PM # 2
Unfortunately you are SOL just like me. I purchased a 1005HAB. It worked for about a 3 weeks before the adapter blew. I sent it back to ASUS for replacement. I waited a few weeks for a response and never got one. I called to check on the adapter and their response was that they didn't have any adapters to send so I now have a netbook paperweight. I checked back on Bestbuy website and there is a review of the EEE PC netbooks that says he went through 3 adapters and it still isn't working. I am still without an adapter and am waiting to hear from ASUS. I was told I would hear something from them last monday and still nothing.

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From: Canada
Posted:10/13/2009 12:25:00 PM # 3
So what was the verdict regarding the problems with your power adapters?

Thankfully mine still works, but I find that when I'm charging the battery and it's near 94% full, it starts to make a high pitched noise that kind of sounds like a kettle boiling. As soon as I unplug it from my 1101HA it stops "squeeling", but it continues when I plug it back in and continue charging until 100% when it quiets down again. I hope this isn't a sign of future problems with my power adapter.

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From: Portugal
Posted:3/26/2010 7:00:00 PM # 4

Same problem with my wife 1101, no blue led in the charger....

I wait that the "live service center" open, and when I was talking with the operator, and she ask me to plug in again .... it work!!!???
He was cold, when I check in others power grids.....

The solution for me is to get my old M5200, witch I believe have also 19V, and go to electronic store and make a back up power adapter, after searching the same problem in the forum.

Just sharing my experience....

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