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From: Indonesia
Posted:7/25/2009 1:45:00 PM # 1
How to unlock or reset BIOS Password on my ASUS N10Jb? Please tell me.....

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From: Russia
Posted:7/31/2009 7:03:00 PM # 2
I have same problem with my new N10Jb :-(((
Does sameone have solution for this ?

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From: USA
Posted:8/23/2009 2:47:00 AM # 3
Are you locked out from booting up completely?   Can get into bios when booting the laptop using by hitting the F2 key as the laptop boots.

Best if you have the  driver and utility cd which came with the laptop (hope you have the cd /dvd drive to use the cd), use the WINFLASH utility to update the bios.   extract the BIOS file from the cd,  temporary location can be  
                                      C: back slash (not  /  ) my keyboard doesn't have

start >  all programs  >   ASUS utility   >    WINFLASH   >   WINFLASH 

go to new bios image file,,  check  your model,  your version   and  date,,    then click on FLASH to initialize the bio updating,  when done, click EXIT

then you reboot your system,, as it starts to reboot,, hit the F2 key at top... if it doesn't do anything,, hit the F2 key again (sometimes tapping repeated as it starts to boot works rather than one tap)    Select the  "Load the Manufacturers Defaults"   Make sure you click  SAVE, then Exit and reboot your system.   You should get another chance to set user name,,password to get in.      If you don't have the cd.. see if you can access the ASUS website, go to updates,, then download which can go on a USB flash drive  (get file size to make sure you have enough memory on the key.   Hope this helps Pard.

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