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From: SWE
Posted:5/16/2009 6:11:00 PM # 1
The Bios file are to big to fit on a floppy ;-(

From the user guide P6T Deluxe
First make att bootable disk
Copy over Afudos BIOS update tool
Copy over bios file

but the problem is that the flopy has no space over.

How can I make a bootable USB to do this?

plz help

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From: GBR
Posted:5/16/2009 6:44:00 PM # 2

You can just put Afudos and the BIOS file on a second floppy. Just boot from the 1st floppy and when DOS has loaded, pop in the floppy with Afudos and the BIOS file and run afudos to flash BIOS.

If you do want to create a bootable USB Key, which can I admit be very useful (this is the way I flash BIOS and Graphics card BIOS as I have no Floppy Drive), then use the HP USB disk storage format tool and a set of Win98 DOS boot files.

The HP Tool can be downloaded here:

The Win98 files here:

As the guide says at extreme overclocking, you have to extract the Win98 files to a folder - name it something like Boot Files and then when you run the HP tool point it to that folder for the boot files and that is it. Very simple.

This does however come with a warning that DOS from a USB Key and BIOS Flash has some higher risks than from a floppy (or so some say), I have personally never had a problem, but proceed with caution.

Also note if you have the USB Key with BIOS file on you can just use EZFlash2 from BIOS to flash.


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From: United Kingdom
Posted:5/17/2009 2:37:00 AM # 3

Author: Ridesy Posted: 5/16/2009 6:44:00 PM


Also note if you have the USB Key with BIOS file on you can just use EZFlash2 from BIOS to flash.


I feel that using EZFlash2 is by far the safest option.

I've always felt far more confident using this method than booting from a floppy. It's also faster :)

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Posted:5/17/2009 8:38:00 AM # 4

+1 for DooGie's suggestion

Just put the BIOS on a USB stick
hold down ALT + F2 during post
select the USB stick (it will look like a drive - shows up as D: for me)

pg 3-4 of the manual

no need to make bootable USB at all

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Posted:3/26/2010 10:17:00 AM # 5
Hello Apollo and others on the forum, I had the same problem. The latest BIOS file version 0901 for the P6T Deluxe V2 is 2,048 KB, it will fit on a thumb drive but is too big for a floppy (max capacity is 1.44 MB). So the AFUDOS utility for copying the BIOS file or reflashing fails when the floppy runs out of space. Even if you use a second floppy for just the BIOS file, there is not enough space. I have found this solution to work for me however: I used AFUDOS utility to write the BIOS file onto a small FAT32 partition on the hard drive, rather than onto a floppy. When you use a bootable floppy to boot your system into DOS, it can see and use files on your hard drive as long as they are in a FAT32 partition. When I set up my system I formatted the drive as NTFS but left 400MB unallocated, and later went back and formatted the 400MB as FAT32 to use for running DOS programs. Windows sees this as drive "B" but when you boot from the floppy, DOS sees it as the "C" drive. So I made this bootable floppy to also contain the AFUDOS utility which is in file AFU236U.EXE Here is the command entered at the DOS A:\> prompt for copying the BIOS from the mobo to the FAT32 file: A:\>AFU236U.EXE /oC:\BIOS0901.ROM and here is the command to copy the BIOS file from the FAT32 partition and use to reflash BIOS: A:\>AFU236U.EXE /iC:\BIOS0901.ROM The ASUS mobo manual didn't say that you can have a drive letter after the "o" or "i" option, but apparently you can. There is plenty of space in the FAT32 partition I made for this and other files that you want DOS to access. I used this method to save a copy of the BIOS using AFUDOS utility, but I haven't had the need to reflash this way. I think that it should work. You may be able to do the same solution using a thumb drive with FAT instead of the hard drive. Hope it works for you.

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