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Big Bear
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From: MLT
Posted:2/22/2009 4:39:00 PM # 1
Dear All,

I am having similar wifi problems with my eee901 where many a time it gives me the error: "No working leases in persistent database, sleeping"

It also happens with wifi connections that I had previously connected to, hence it is a big nuisance.

I have searched the forums, but found no solution.

I am no linux guru, but I know my way around in many operating systems, and with some experimentation I have found a solution for this problem, which albeit does not work all the time, it works most of the time, and with a lot of patience! :)

Possible solution:

Step (1) [if not already done]
              setup you wifi connection and let your eee 901 connect to it
                if the connection stays pending and it gives the famous error
                "No working leases in persistent database, sleeping"
                      goto Setp (2)

Step (2)  Open a terminal window (ctrl - alt - T)

Step (3)  go to super user mode,
                  type "sudo su"

Step (4)   release any dhcp leases
                  type "dhclient -r"

Step (5)   ask your eee 901 to re-acquire a dhcp
                  type "dhclient ra0"

At this point your eee901 will try to re-acquire a dchp.
when it does it will tell you so.

If it does not, re-type "dhclient -ra0"

At times it works on first try, on other times it does not work at just have to be a bit patient :(

To check that it is connected well, type "ifconfig".   If  the eee901 has aqcuired an IP, you will see it written under the connection ra0 (your wifi card)

At times it will acquire an erroneous IP, therefore it will not connect you to the internet.  
Try to know or remember the IP range of the dhcp server you are connecting to. 
If the IP acquired is not withing that range, release the IP (dhclient -r) and re-acquire (dhclient ra0)

Finally ping a known website, using ping command: ping www.<the website>, and check that your eee901 resolves the website and receives a ping. 
(Hit ctrl-c to go out of the ping command.)

Then exit the terminal window, and enjoy your internet browsing :)
[type exit + <enter> twice]


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From: USA
Posted:7/9/2009 12:43:00 AM # 2
Thanks for posting this. I figured that my daughter's netbook had corrupted DHCP data; I just don't know Linux enough to remember the commands that you posted above. Thank you for your thoroughness; it should be at the top of the Google search! :-) (it was 4th.)

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From: New Zealand
Posted:7/25/2009 3:29:00 PM # 3
Sounds similar to something I've struck.  On occasion, my 901 will arbitrarily create an extra entry, beginning with the label EeePC, in the list of wireless connections.

If I delete this extra entry then wifi comes back to life next try.

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