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  Topic : [Problem]P5PE-VM Network Drivers New Topic
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From: AUS
Posted:2/17/2009 8:39:00 AM # 1
Hey everyone,
This mainboard has refused to operate under the Asus drivers.
I have re-installed and used the most up to date drivers available on this web site but nothing works.
Asus tell me that the Network Chip is the Marvel Yukon
The operating system tells me that it is an Intel 82559 chip
The Marvel Yukon driver does not work
The Intel driver does not work
Asus told me that I cannot use this board with Vista so I changed back to Windows XP Pro
Intel just keep referring me back to Asus
XP installed its generic drivers for everything but the network chip.
Everything else works fine
Has anyone else had this problem or does anyone know of a solution ?
This system is for a school child so I need the network ports working for Internet access.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated..


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