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  Topic : [Problem]M2N78-VM No Video through HDMI New Topic
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From: USA
Posted:12/9/2008 5:24:00 AM # 1
The Motherboard and system work perfectly when using DVI outputs to a PC Monitor. However when I used the HDMI out to my TV (Dynex 22" Model: DX-LCD-22-09) I see the boot screens and the motherboard splash logo, then I see the Windows XP loading bar going across. After that I hear the Windows Start Up Sound but I get no picture. This only happens with this MotherBoard, All other HDMI devices I have work just fine. This includes a Tivo and a PS3.
Additionally when i press the power button again I head the windows shutdown sound and then the "Windows is now shutting down" message with the blue Microsoft background.

I'm hopeing that someone else has seen this problem and has found a way to fix it. If not, I will have to wait for asus support to get back to me since I submitted there. They will probably end up telling me to try a different HDMI TV or something like that which i can't do for a few more day (maybe longer).


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From: Canada
Posted:12/16/2008 10:04:00 AM # 2

First some background:

My old asus board (previous version of this board that exploded) would let me use the windows built in DualView or whatever it's called, i.e. expand my desktop onto second monitor, and second monitor would run at different resolution. Wouldn't matter if i had TV off, on, rebooted, whatever, it just worked.

Now with same board with same windows has major issues. First off, dualview isn't supported, had to find some registry hack to enable it. And now if my TV is off and I try to expand my desktop to 2nd display, all my displays go blank, and I think my comp locks up cause I can't even 'ctrl-alt-dlt, alt-u, r' to restart windows.

Sure, maybe I shouldn't use dualview, but what's the alternative, Clone where my resolutions are horribly mismatched?

Crying shame...

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