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  Topic : [Problem]ABM2N-LA motherboard not recognizing expansion cards New Topic
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Posted:11/6/2008 3:34:00 AM # 1

My computer isn't recognizing any of the cards in my expansion slots. Neither my video card or my wireless card even show up in the device manager. Also, the compuer freezes and requires a hard restart when you try and take it out of standby.

We tried my video card in my friend's computer and it worked fine. We then tried his working video card in my computer and it failed to work. This is why I think the problem is with the motherboard and not the cards. I also made sure none of the cards were loose.

When I look at the motherboard there is nothing obviously wrong with it. The capacitors look fine and I don't see any unplugged connections.

The only hardware change I have made recently was getting a new mouse. I hadn't made any software changes for awhile before the problem occured.

The motherboard is an ABM2N-LA which I mentioned in the thread title, although it doesn't appear to be supported by this site. It's definitely made by ASUS so I just chose the top model on the list, I hope that is ok.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Do I just need to get a new motherboard? Could the problem be something other than the motherboard?

Thanks for the help!

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From: United States
Posted:2/28/2009 5:58:00 PM # 2
Hey Tim .....  Yeah .. I know the feeling when it comes to finding .. that the cards and this particular mother board has no compliance what so ever .. I just happen to add a Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT that I pulled from a Gateway oddity called GM5474 AMD Desktop Computer.. My game play popped the cpu in that machine and rather than fix that Gateway .. I opted for parting it out .. Now the graphic card worked perfectly upon installing it into the ABM2N-LA board but nothing else .. I think this is becuse the chipset for the ABM2N-LA is heavely supported with Nvidia chips .. more over the Nvidia graphic cards are being made into propritary status which will key mainly with the sponser board title such as XFX-Nvidia to XFX boards which would carry Nvidia onboard chipsets for matching XFX brand .. Like wise .. Pny Nvidia Geforce to Pny .. eGeforce Nvidia to eGeforce boards.. Asus Nvidia Geforce cards to Asus boards ..I noticed the Nvidia was manufacturing cards for the leading company names.. In the case of the ABM2N-LA board found in the HP Gm5474 Pavillion it should except either a HP Nvidia graphic card or a orignial Nvidia Geforce 8500GT graphics card without a leading company's name on it other than Nvidia .. I just can't quite remember if the graphic card I pulled from the Gateway machine had any Gateway designation with Nvidia mfg. model 8500 GT .. for I had given it to another person as a birthday gift in her new machine.. You might check the Gatway GM 5474 Desktop Computer if so and if not with Gateway logo on the card then it should be Nvidia's graphic cars only if such a beast exists as Nvidia only in mfg .. To that .. I'am in process of finding Nvidia's position regarding their product line .. that Nvidia Geforce 8500 GT is without any other company's name affixed would be the card that I had which does work on the ABM2N-LA board .. Also try HP or Asus Geforce cards as they may also work fine .. That is if Asus made the ABM2N-LA board for HP .. all mine says .. printed on it is ABM2N-LA in a HP case .. Good Luck my friend .. I hope I have been helpful .. .. Sincerely .. William A Patton

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