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From: United Kingdom
Posted:10/21/2008 7:41:00 PM # 1

Error 17 uppers when I tray to satart system from any of SS 4Gb or MS 16Gb My EEE PC was with Linux. I made USB Live boot diskette with FDISK and delited Linux partition, instade create FAT32 100% use and made C: (SS 4GB) Activ. Formated All. Restarted. Set BIOS right (SS master and first to boot, divice 1). SYS C: in command mode. Restarted and got Error 17 !?  Any hints or clue? ho has a list of Errors for EEE PC 900?

Best Regarda!

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From: South Africa
Posted:12/20/2008 10:48:00 PM # 2

Error 17 is the result of a incorrect boot record. Follow the following steps to correct your problem:

1 Make a bootable USB flashdrive booting any recent DOS like the one that comes with Win98.
2 start up you Eee Pc and press ESC at the logo screen.
3 Choose your flashdrive to boot from
4 Once you get the command prompt "a:\" type the following: FDISK /MBR
5 A new boot record should be written to your SSD.
6 Reboot and boot from your SSD

Make sure to put FDISK on the flashdrive with the rest of the boot files from win98

Neels (Republic of Southern Africa)

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