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From: ESP
Posted:9/30/2008 12:28:00 AM # 1

I've been searching in several posts and can't find the answer to this. I need to do a full XP restore on the eee 1000H but don't have access to an external DVD.

I would like to boot from a USB stick loaded with the DVD contents. I have tried just copying the contents of the DVD to the stick, but it will not boot.

What is the procedure to make the USB bootable, then restore as if it was the restore DVD?

Thanks very much for any help.

Tarifa, Spain

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From: USA
Posted:9/30/2008 3:50:00 AM # 2
My advice is not to do this... Just send the eee pc back and get your money back.

If you are dead set on doing this, make SURE to backup all files on the computer that you will be using, and DON't use the Linux DVD,  I tried using the linux recovery DVD with my home desktop (used to be Ubuntu linux), now my PC's hard drive has an almost bootable copy of Xandros linux... 

What's worse is that ASUS won't admit their mistake, and won't help me at all to try to restore my data!!!!

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From: NZL
Posted:10/1/2008 11:41:00 AM # 3
Have a look over at ""

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From: DEU
Posted:10/21/2008 9:26:00 AM # 4
Well, it was /your/ mistake. why did you think this would work? The recovery DVD is created specifically for resetting your eee pc to factory default and not to do crazy things with your home desktop.

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