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  Topic : [Problem]Smartogon Failure New Topic
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From: Australia
Posted:7/23/2008 10:12:00 AM # 1


Asus Tech support link dosen't work (can't fill in mandatory fields!)

Smart Logon is no longer functioning. It appears at the login screen as normal and identifies my face but does not proceeed from there and I have to login by a different method. When I try to start Smart Logon Manager from my desktop my system advises me that the application has stopped working and that Windows will advise me if a solution becomes unavailable.

Beforethis happened my computer failed to start normally and I had to do a start recovery.

Any help is appreciated.


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From: Australia
Posted:8/22/2008 9:01:00 AM # 2

ok same thing happened to me. (same system) open your task manager and go to the list of running programs. you will find smart logon still running. end it. restart and everything will eb back to normal. i have de activated my smart login. because when getting vista t restart in diagnistic mode it disables devices and services it does not need! so i was locked out of windows. asus teck support could only tell me its vistas problem not theirs and the obvious small incombatibility issues this peice of asus software is all up to vista to fix?  ...

anyway hope thishelps.

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From: TUR
Posted:9/19/2008 12:21:00 PM # 3
What is your version of SmartLogon?..

May be, latest version (v1.0.0005) helpful for you!:

Best regards.

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