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Posted:5/29/2008 2:11:00 AM # 1
Hello everyone,

May I ask some help regarding my BIOS password problem? I bought an A8SC Asus laptop and I cannot remember my BIOS setup password. The CMOS jumper was already reset and the CMOS battery was already removed but the BIOS setup is locked afterwards...

Is there any other way to reset the BIOS password other than clearing the CMOS with a jumper or removing the CMOS battery?

If I update the BIOS firmware, will the password be removed/reset?

I will highly appreciate your help! Thank you!

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From: Australia
Posted:6/1/2008 8:36:00 PM # 2
This thread is listed in the Elite Posts.
notebook bios do not work the same as desktop pc's do in the fact that they do not need a constant supply of power to remember their settings. the bios chip in a notebook works more like a usb memory stick. that being said ill answer your questions

1. if you update your bios yes you will still need the password it will ask you for it before updating.

2. removing the power and battery wont do anything. but you still have 4 choices

1. contact asus and prove you are the legal owner of the notebook and they can supply you with a "mastercode" specific to your laptop and serial number to unlock the bios.

2. look up on the net for a way to crack the incription with software , however this is not avalible for all notebooks i know it was for my old dell latitude (wont make that misstake again) but not sure for asus a8sc.

3.look on the net there might be a way of shorting some pins on the bios chip to reset it this is refered to as the "paperclip method

4. buy a new bios chip and replace it, if you cant solder get someone else to do it.

sorry i know this is not what you wanted to hear but if it was easy then everyone would be tealing laptops. you should always use a bios password on start up and mke it something you would never forget this way if your laptop is stolen they cant use it. 

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Posted:1/29/2010 8:29:00 PM # 3
Excellent reply!  Points for you!

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