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Posted:5/17/2008 12:46:00 PM # 1

You're now talking to Sonny Brown from 'Motherboard ' The topic is : Not Provided

Sonny Brown> Thank you for contacting Asus Live Support, My name is Sonny, how may I help you?
Guest> case# 227496
Sonny Brown> rrow
Sonny Brown> Lee Christesen?
Guest> Yes
Sonny Brown> Did you talk to a l3 tech
Guest> yes
Sonny Brown> What didthey suggest
Guest> I would like an update \
Guest> please
Sonny Brown> please hold
Sonny Brown> Michael says they are working on the problem and as soon as they get an answer he will email you directly
Guest> the problem is when I email as instucted and he does not respond to me what am I supposed to think I have different parts and would like to know if it is the board or some other part so can return that part while the place I bought it from will still take it back
Sonny Brown> From my understanding they are looking at the bios right now. I will let him know your concern about him emailing you back. You can also call and ask for a l3 tech
Guest> that is why I emailed him because he told me that if I had questions so I would not have to be on hold so long. but if they supect that the board is bad or it needs a bios an update would be apprcieted its called customer service
Sonny Brown> Yes Sir, im really not aware of what's going on I can just tell you what was said. Michael is not on live support so you would have to call and ask for him
Guest> how do I contact a manager
Sonny Brown> let me see if one is online
Sonny Brown> There is currently no managers online, give me a sec and let me see if i can get one for oyu
Guest> thanks
Sonny Brown> We currently have no manager's available to to get on live support. What you can do is call Monday and ask for Aaron Wood or email him at
Guest> I am willing to call one or have one call me!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest> I am not waiting till monday
Sonny Brown> It will be Monday before one could call you.
Guest> I am not waiting till monday this bull
Sonny Brown> We do have a weekend supervisor named Tim Pierce who will be here tomorrow
Sonny Brown> otherwise you can call in and ask for a supervisor
Sonny Brown> Im really not trying to be rude
Sonny Brown> but these are the options
Guest> nobody works without supervison that might be what the problemis
Sonny Brown> no we have a supervisor here
Guest> thank you
Sonny Brown> but he is not available to get on live support so you will have to call in
Sonny Brown> Thank you
Guest> I am not giong to call in and wiat 30 min to talk to a supervisor
Sonny Brown> no we actually have no calls in and your call would be answered immediately
Guest> phone #
Sonny Brown> 812-282-2787 select opt 3 and trhen opt3 again
Sonny Brown> Can I help you with anything else
Guest> yes
Sonny Brown> What is it?
Guest> I told you I what to speak to a supervisor
Sonny Brown> You will have to call in or email aaron wood
Guest> Not email not vioce mail a real live supervisor
Guest> did you just answer the phone when I called
Sonny Brown> did you call and then hang up
Sonny Brown> im transferring you now
Guest> No called In and got the same horrible tech support I have been getting

Transfering request to "ASUStech-Robert", please wait...

You're now talking to ASUStech-Robert from 'Motherboard ' The topic is : Not Provided

ASUStech-Robert> Hello
ASUStech-Robert> How can I help you?
Guest> hello
Guest> Are you a suppervisor
ASUStech-Robert> I am acting at this time
Guest> are am I wasting my time and money with asus
ASUStech-Robert> Sir what is your complaint?
Guest> I what to speak to someone on the phone
ASUStech-Robert> You will need to call monday and speak with Maurice Reed 812-282-2787
Guest> not good enough
ASUStech-Robert> He is here 8am - 5pm
ASUStech-Robert> Monday - Friday
ASUStech-Robert> Sir I asked what the problem was but your refusing to let me help
ASUStech-Robert> Sir?
Guest> So I can properly communicate it to you I would like to speak to some on the phone
ASUStech-Robert> Sir since we are now closed you will need to call 812-282-2787 and Speak with Maurice Reed Monday between 8am and 5pm
Guest> I called before you closed and the tech that answer basicly refused to let me talk to someone
Guest> are you the one that answerd
ASUStech-Robert> No sir
ASUStech-Robert> Once again since you will not let me help you please call monday and speak with Maurice.
Guest> It is very hard to communicate to you via chat my experiaces with your company
ASUStech-Robert> Ok sir you will need to call Monday and speak with Maurice

I will never buy another Asus Product as long as I live.... If I live though this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: USA
Posted:5/18/2008 8:34:00 PM # 2

While I feel your pain as I too have experienced poor tech support problems in the past with many different kinds of companies, I think that you went a little overboard.

Realize that the folks on the tech support lines likely have nothing more than a basic troubleshooting flow chart for each basic problem you could experience with a faulty device. Now some tech support folks go above and beyond to understand their job whiles others simply "Nod smartly" and follow the pack. The supervisors are hit or miss and some might be the "go-to" folks while others are folks that didn't get a role as the manager in the movie "Office Space".

I think once you got the basic response that you'd have to call on a normal business day, as some tech support shops only do "skeleton crews" with minimal people on the weekends, you should have just gotten the names of the people you talked to and put that in your pocket.

I have done exactly what you have done in the past, being overly persistent bordering on rude (but you weren't you were just frustrated, I understand). It typically resulted in no significant change in service or expediency of resolution.

Do not interpret this as a defense of Asus and your incident. Unfortunately businesses nowadays practice the concept of requiring a diplomatic/political approach in order to get things done instead of simply relying on the age old foundation of Integrity and Excellence. It is by no means an effort to achieve perfection but by understanding that so long as you do not compromise your Integrity and professionalism for political and beuracratic ascension, you will see better results in the future with less stress.



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